I have been helping my clients to change their drinking habits for about 20 years. In one session you can stop drinking which may seem remarkable when you consider that the success rate for AA and the 12 step programme is 5-7%, costs a considerable amount of money and takes a month in residential care.
My approach is quite different, firstly it’s a tiny fraction of the cost, it’s bespoke to you as we look at the underlying root cause of your drinking habit. Some clients started drinking a glass of wine in the evening with their meal which gradually increases to a bottle or more an evening. That occasional glass became a habit that was hard to break on their own. Some want to modify their behaviour and drink one or twice a week or just when socialising. Some clients want to stop completely. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is their commitment to change.
Alcohol can also be used as a crutch, a coping mechanism, a way of blocking unwanted emotions or dealing with trauma. By addressing and resolving the beliefs, causes or habitual behaviour we can modify, change or stop this unwanted habit completely.
Would you like to stop struggling, worrying about your health, ruining your relationships, wasting money, beating yourself up, wasting time, and losing motivation in your career? You can. In one 2 hour session you can take back control of your life and get back your freedom, better health and well-being and to feel amazing.
This unique approach is very successful and tailored to your personal needs and requirements. Please get in touch to find out how I can help you change your life.


“I am doing really well, 30 days without a hint of alcohol, I really couldn’t think of anything worse now than having a drink all thanks to you.
I have listened to the recording several times and it really helps, life couldn’t be better.
All the best and thanks again”

“I’ve had no inclination to drink at all, even when I’m out for dinner or the pub! The session definitely helped me associate drinking with my past need to feel confident and has changed my relationship with it, so it’s worked extremely well!
I’m also now going to do the course starting at the weekend as I’m sold on it and can’t wait to get started!
Thanks so much.”