One of the most powerful tools that can be used to help you conceive is your mind.


Elaine believes that our unconscious thoughts and beliefs about birth, pregnancy and raising children can produce powerful blocks that can affect our ability to conceive.


By finding and removing these blocks consciously and unconsciously we can help increase the success rate of IVF and unexplained infertility to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy.


My clients are often surprised to realise how beneficial and powerful hypnotherapy can be. With over three and a half million people in the UK experiencing difficulties trying to conceive at one time or another. This natural fertility approach is safe, powerful and effective.

hypnosis for fertility

This positive step by step process which is tailored to your specific needs and requirements can really help improve your chances of conception. By changing your thinking, focusing not only on being more relaxed but more importantly on expecting a baby, knowing and believing the baby is on its way. We know if we change our thinking we actually change our biochemistry. Hormones released in the brain that make a pregnancy possible are influenced by a women’s emotions and thoughts. Every thought you have is an instruction to your body and your body listens and believes everything you say.


The British Medical Journal published a study in which women who had difficulty conceiving were taught to replace their negative thoughts about their chances of getting pregnant with positive beliefs that they would get pregnant. Half of them became pregnant.

More Research
There have been many studies and much research over recent years proving how effective the mind-body connection can be. ‘By reducing negative emotions that may impair IVF success, patients should be offered such a programme in conjunction with IVF’. Fertility and Sterility Journal 1998. Vol.69.
According to an Israeli study, Professor Levitas and his team found that hypnosis can effectively double the success of IVF treatments. The Journal of American Medical Women’s Association in 1999 stated that women with depression, when treated showed a 60% viable pregnancy rate within six months, contrasting with 24% when depression went untreated.


Utilising mind/body techniques such as hypnosis infertile women have a 42-55% conception rate as compared to 20% with IVF. The Journal of Fertility and Sterility 2000. These studies were conducted by Alice Doman, PhD.
Dr Peterson found that high anxiety states in the mother need to be reduced in order to normalise pregnancy and birth. She cites several research studies that make a positive link between fertility and treatments based on hypnosis.

Improve your ability to conceive naturally