Sports Hypnotherapy

Would you like to improve your performance and reach your full potential in your favourite sport, perhaps its football, golf, tennis, clay pigeon shooting? Lose those nerves that hinder your success. Increase your motivation, focus and success? You can.


These techniques have been available to Olympic athletes for many years. The secrets that have aided them to harness the power of the mind to achieve amazing success can be yours.


Perhaps you have got into some bad habits that need addressing?


By removing any blocks that are standing in the way of your success we can improve and maximise your skills, ability and get you where you want to be.

Elaine has helped sportsmen at the top of their game reclaim their motivation, hone their skills, get them wired for success and claim their rightful place at the top of their game.


Golf hypnosis is a very effective way of improving yours skills and works particularly well in this area. ‘Address’ inaccuracies can easily be adjusted or focusing attention on the ball flight direction or the perfect shot.

sports hypnotherapy
Reach your full potential and achieve success.