Future Life Progression

Future Progression and Future Life Progression is a unique therapy that provides the powerful benefit of experiencing what your future could be like.

What if you were able to find out what decisions will work out in your favour and discover solutions to your present problems? Whether these are career related, relationships or where you are living.

This may sound a little far-fetched but there has been extensive research over the last fifty years into this process by Dr Bruce Goldberg, Helen Wambach, Chet B Snow and Anne Jirsch with some amazing results . By using a combination of hypnosis and powerful visualisation techniques this process can give you a unique and entertaining experience.

If you consider that our mind is the world’s most advanced bio computer that can gain access to several possible scenarios of what our future could hold. This is because your future is not fixed. We have also found that by seeing our future these insights seem to speed up time and events can happen sooner than anticipated.

The new physics teaches us that past, present and future events are happening at the same time and implies that the future influences the present as well as the past. What all the eminent experts can be sure of is that time doesn’t work the way we think it does. As American physicist and Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman admitted in  A Life of Science, “It is safe to say that nobody understands quantum mechanics”.

As Paul McKenna says “the experience can be immensely enlightening and everyone benefits. If we all took a little more time to consider our future we would be a lot happier”.

So if you need help to:-

  • Find the right career path
  • Build your confidence
  • Find solution for business problems
  • Spotting future trends
  • Strategic Planning
  • Get a step or two ahead of your business competition
  • Use your creativity for new inventions, this could open up so many possibilities, thinking outside the box.
  • Identify your ideal property, where it is, will you be happy there
  • Improve your relationships,
  • Will you find a loving relationship?
  • Do you see yourself in the future with your current partner?
future life progression

By using Future Life Progression we can take you to a future lifetime where you find out where you are, what the world is like, what you are doing. You can then bring back with you skills, hindsight, advice and information that can be so helpful to you now.

Set your future on the right path today


I went to see Elaine as I had several decisions to make both work and relationship based. Elaine took me into my future using visualisation techniques and although I class myself as someone who can’t visualise, I actually did. I found from the future point looking back that the answers to my questions were very clear either yes or no which has helped me move on from something that I wasn’t feeling inspired about. I also have learnt things about my future that are attractive to me and using the wisdom and knowledge from my future self is now guiding me to make some changes in my business today. Thank you Elaine for asking all the right questions that led me to more clarity and focus about my next career steps and a new relationship. I would highly recommend FLP to anyone that feels they are at a bit of a crossroads and don’t know which direction to move forwards in.


I am about half way through my degree course and knowing that I would soon have to make important decisions about my future career. I decided that a session of FLP might help me to take the right path without wasting valuable time and money on wrong decisions. ``I found Elaine to be very professional and was comfortable in her presence and knew her to have many years of experience. I felt relaxed and safe as she guided me to my life in 5 and 10 years time, this really amazed me, I found it quite an emotional experience, in a positive way. It was like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I saw a really exciting future life for myself and my familiy. I was also able to bring back with me valuable insights and advice that will allow me to make the right decisions at the right time. Thank you so much Elaine I think you will be hearing from all my friends!


I had heard a lot about Past Life Regression therapy before and always thought that I may like to try it, as in some cases it can help people deal with issues that they are experiencing in their current lives which have their roots in the past.
However, I recently heard about Future Life Therapy and thought that this sounded more beneficial for me, as I am the type of person who finds it extremely hard to make plans for the future and look ahead.
My session with Elaine Marsh was remarkable! I wasn't nervous about being put under hypnosis but was worried that once I was I wouldn't know what to say and would be silent! However, I was amazed when having been taken forward 5 years to 2018, I had chosen a particular direction, having been given the option of 2 different 'doors' to enter my future and started to speak about my life. I was then, amazingly enough, able to look back to the current day philosophically and advise myself how I could improve my existing situation in order to arrive at the very positive future that I had found myself in 2018! We then went further forward to 2023 where my life had developed still further in a very positive direction.
Since having my session I have been able to take heed of the advice for the present day, (that I had looked back and given myself in 2018) and am able to plan and totally imagine myself in my future, with the confidence that I can succeed in what I dream of doing.

Penny Durrant, Spain

Elaine has been a marvellous help to me, as a stop smoking specialist she is simply the best in her field. She is very intuitive, caring and wise. Elaine has helped me tremendously by regressing me to discover my money blocks. She also did and a future life progression, which was surprising and fascinating. I would recommend her unreservedly. Marilyn Charlton