Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Most people have inevitably tried to lose weight by means of dieting. Usually they lose the weight only to put it all back on again and in most cases gain even more! Studies have now proven that DIETING MAKES YOU FAT! Dieting is a constant struggle for hundreds of thousands of people in Britain and it is now becoming the fastest growing industry. It seems as if almost every week there is a new “MIRACLE” diet hitting the market.


The problem is that diets don’t work. In fact 98% of diets fail. If they did work you would never have to do more than one! Most overweight people seem to live their lives on a diet and consequently food becomes the enemy. Does this sound familiar to you?

Let’s look at some of the reasons many people find it difficult to lose weight:


  • Lack of self-discipline
  • Poor eating habits
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Negative beliefs
  • Emotional crutch
  • Feeling controlled by food
  • Hidden food intolerance


These are all genuine reasons why so many people find it difficult to lose weight.


By using hypnosis for weight loss, my powerful rapid transformation therapy, we can address all the above problems by communicating with the unconscious mind. This is where all our habits and beliefs are formed. This is the long term answer to PERMANENT WEIGHT CONTROL, our life transforming weight loss hypnosis.

After the treatment, you can forget the word diet and enjoy a healthy well balanced approach to eating without worrying about weight gain.

In fact our phenomenal techniques in our weight loss hypnosis makes it so easy that when you leave, you will have a whole new outlook on healthy eating and will give you back control. At last YOU WILL FEEL FULLY IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HABITS. There will be no feelings of deprivation and no sacrifice. Instead you will have an overwhelming desire to enjoy nutritional, satisfying and delicious foods without ever dieting again.

hypnosis for weight loss
Hypnotherapy for over eating helped me redress the balance of what I thought I wanted to eat and what I really needed to eat. I can now enjoy everything that I eat rather than inhaling food and feeling guilty.

Laura Farr, Berkshire

You saw me in June earlier this year when I asked you to try to assist me to lose some weight. At the time I weighed 14st 5lbs. Whilst that was not seriously overweight, I wanted to try to lose 2 and a half stone. Well, with your help I have already lost around a stone and a half after just on session. I am absolutely delighted and will keep you posted. It has also encouraged me to join our local Gym and I go there 3 or 4 times each week. Once again many thanks for your help. I have passed you name to several of my colleagues too.

J Lions, Bucks

How About A New Life?

Can you imagine waking up every morning with a positive, confident feeling? Free from the embarrassment of being out of control? What if you could be free from health problems associated with excessive weight? Feeling healthy, whole and complete, without the fatigue and discomfort caused by unwanted pounds?

This approach is totally positive, no injections are given, there are no diets or aversion therapy. The treatment actually changes the desire for things such as fattening, unhealthy foods, into a desire for abundant health, confidence, a slim trim figure, or whatever else is important to you.

We use a holistic approach. This means that on a physical, mental and emotional level we can find out exactly which foods are causing you problems and then suggest what foods you need for your body. Not only that, we can discover which foods you should avoid, as well as changing your mind about what you eat, how much and how often you eat it. You will never have a weight problem again.

By asking the right questions we will create a process just for you to change what is going on, thereby eliminating your problem. This means you will become and remain slim and healthy.

Say goodbye to that unwanted weight now without deprival or sacrifice


I wanted to say a big,big thank you for helping me to lose weight following my recent treatment with you. Having put on over 3 stone I have tried, as many people do, to lose my excess weight with a combination of willpower, exercise and yo yo dieting. As most of us do I failed miserably each time and it made me feel bad about myself for failing.
Once again in desperation I turned to you for help with hypnotherapy as you had previously stopped my 40 a day cigarette habit in one session. Following a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy with you I had not consciously noticed any difference to my eating habits but having just weighed myself for the first time in 2 months . . . I have lost over half a stone!!!! Wow . . . I cannot tell you how happy I am. The subtle changes you have made in my eating habits that I don’t even notice are having a serious impact on my excess weight . . . and I still seem to be eating what I want . . . I look forward to reaching my goal weight . . . seemingly without even trying. Not many things in life are that easy!

I am of course advising everybody that I know that hypnotherapy is a fantastically easy and painless way of making subtle changes to our behaviour. It can surely enhance our lives and remove any negative habits we have learnt over time.

 Stephen Pollard, Benson, Oxfordshire

With you doing such a good job instilling positivity to my subconscious mind I have lost 11lbs so far so I feel fantastic and my self esteem and outlook on life is soooo much better . . . what can I say but a good job done!!! I have passed your details on to a few of my clients so I hope you don't mind. Once again I would like to say a big THANK YOU as would my husband Angus as he feels he has his wife back again.

Shirley Muir, Berkshire

I have lost some noticeable weight since our session and my diet has changed for the better. I no longer eat any of the 4 food types that we discussed on a regular basis at all and I don't crave them still.
I'm feeling a lot better now as my weight has dropped to a nice level and I'm just going to keep going knowing that it's now within my power to do so. It's helped with self-esteem and confidence too which is nice. £90 well spent!!!
I've just sent your details to a colleague at work who is really interested and also to another woman who my wife knows, apparently she came to see you last week I think and I believe she has benefited greatly too.

Dale Skeates, Berkshire

“Just have to tell you, I am SO happy with the results from our session … it has had exactly the effect that I was hoping for.
Listening to your voice has enabled me to turn my determination to succeed at my goals into something that is now so rock solid and bombproof, that I have no doubt that I’m going to succeed in achieving the best possible results.
Bizarre, but I really do feel completely different too! I feel lit up from within - it’s a really nice feeling.
My husband is amused by my new attitude as I “stubbornly refuse to eat”
that carrot cake! He’s very impressed and smiles every time!
I’m thrilled to bits with the effect that you’ve had on me. Thank you.” Monica.
“I thought I would email you quickly as it has been a fortnight since I came to see you. I am amazed but have not touched or even salivated over bread, cheese or chocolate in all that period!
Extraordinary and rather wonderful not to feel that it takes superhuman effort to not eat those foods. I have been loving soups (no bread with them of course) + fresh veg or salad with fish or chicken for suppers. My tummy is def shrinking slowly and I am feeling so much better as I feel
like I am more in control. I haven't listened to the recording again, but I aim to do so v soon to keep on track. Thank you, as I think seeing you may well prove to be a turning point.” Rebecca
It's been a year since I saw you and I wanted to let you know that I have not had any coffee or chocolate in that time. I am truly amazed at how easy its been. Thank you again and I shall continue to recommend you to everyone. Sophie, Henley on Thames