What Is Hypnosis?

Ever wondered What is Hypnosis? There are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, they often come from Hollywood films or Paul McKenna type stage shows. Clients can sometimes be concerned that I can make them do something that they don’t want to do, or they will lose control. This is not the case, I help you do what you WANT to do.


In fact hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, that we dip in and out of throughout the day, when we are day dreaming. Have you ever driven somewhere and thought, how did I get here? This is the state that is utilised to help you achieve your goal. You will hear what is being said, remember most of it too, although you won’t feel ‘hypnotised’ you will just feel relaxed, rather like the feeling when you are just waking up or falling asleep.


Hypnosis is a safe, fast and really powerful way of making positive changes in our life. Whether it’s breaking bad habits like stopping smoking or letting go of unwanted weight or increasing confidence in ourselves, letting go of anxiety, fears and phobias

what is hypnosis
If you would like to experience how hypnosis feels before booking a session you can email info@hypno-health.co.uk and request our powerful MP3 stress reduction session and notice the benefits.