Pain Relief in one session

Are you in pain? Have you tried everything to get some relief unsuccessfully?  Would you like some help to make a major reduction in your old pain or even remove it for good?

Firstly let’s just state the evidence gathered from 115 client feedback forms. Overall, there was a 92% reduction in pain and 78% of participants left totally pain-free*. I know if you have been suffering with chronic pain for many years this may seem impossible but I promise you these are the facts.




In about an hour this powerful technique can help relieve you of pain without toxic drugs, chemicals or surgery, permanently.

If you have been in pain for longer than 3 months it is likely to be of no use to you – in fact your Doctor is likely to have suggested or prescribed pain killing medication. Old, chronic, persistent pain is your own internal defense mechanism.   Pain can remain long after it is no longer of any benefit to you, in fact in can work against you by masking a new pain message.

Whether you leave with a reduced level of pain or totally pain-free is not down to me as a Practitioner, it is whatever level of pain your body  believes to be safest for you in that moment.  When you come all the details will be explained to you and I promise it will all make complete sense.

OldPain2Go® is based on the latest in scientific knowledge of how the mind and body work in unison and the body’s natural ability to self-heal. OldPain2Go® can provide a safe and effective way to a better life. This method has a grounding in the work of many Doctors and Specialists who have studied and been creative in establishing that pain is not just a physical response to cell damage. Many have come to similar conclusions but few have come up with practical methods of implementing their theories.

 Do you qualify for My Help?

You must have been diagnosed by a medical professional and they have prescribed or suggested pain control.

You must WANT to be pain free and have no advantage in keeping the pain.

You must be willing to stick to the aftercare advice.

You need to be willing to cease doing the thing that causes the problem.



* Results are from 115 feedback forms completed by clients who were volunteers at OldPain2Go training events. Over 75% of them were worked on by newly qualified Practitioners as their first ever client using OldPain2Go®. The rest of the treatments were by the trainers and included complex cases.