Hypnosis to Stop Drinking

Ready to Cut Down  your Alcohol intake? – Or Cut it out completely?


Hypnosis to stop drinking is one of the most effective and successful methods used today.


Are you drinking too often, or too much?


Are you getting through a glass of wine before dinner then a couple more after – most nights? Or are you binging to the point where you don’t remember what you did?


Are you are getting frightened by the amount you’re drinking – getting up in the morning feeling terrible or wondering if you should be driving yourself to work – or your kids to school?


Or perhaps you’re trying to lose weight but failing because of the “empty calories” of alcohol?


Or are you just spending more than you earn and looking for a way to make some savings?




“I can honestly say I have no desire to drink at all………it has surprised me although I did expect it to work.”


“Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t touched a drop since seeing you.  You are magical! Thank you so much.”


“Its now 1 week and counting since my last alcoholic drink.  No withdrawal symptoms to date.”


On the 30th May 2017 I visited Elaine in her lovely cosy room in Henley to have hypnotherapy for alcohol dependency.  I was in a very bad place and my drinking was a nightmare. Elaine is so lovely and put me at ease immediately, we had a chat and then I laid on a comfy couch ready for the session to begin. The time went very quickly and I was aware of background noise and obviously could hear all Elaine was saying.  I was extremely relaxed.  I am now approaching my 18th week of sobriety and with Elaine’s help, her recording which she gives you after the session and my wanting to give up the booze, I am one very happy, healthy and grateful lady. Thank you Elaine.       Kate Miller


Just wanted to let you know that a year on since we met I still haven’t had a drink.
If you recall, this wasn’t for medical or addiction, just something I wanted to do. 
Initially I did feel better for it, now however… I just don’t drink, don’t miss it, don’t really recall the need!
So it short, it works and I thank you.
Hope the business is thriving – It should be!  Ian Clarke

I am doing really well, 30 days without a hint of alcohol, I really couldn’t think of anything worse now than having a drink all thanks to you.

I have listened to the recording several times and it really helps, life couldn’t be better.

All the best and thanks again.  Kindest Regards,

Ricky Edwards


I’m doing really well- in fact, except for one evening when I had a gt to celebrate something with my friend I’ve had no inclination to drink at all.. even when I’m out for dinner or the pub! The session definitely helped me associate drinking with my past need to feel confident and has changed my relationship with it.. so it’s worked extremely well!  Sonia


After all your help and support I thought I had better update you.

Life at the moment could not be better I am happy to report. Since our session I have dropped all my anger and frustration with my family and now have a fantastic relationship with my family. I have spent the weekend at family parties, thoroughly enjoyed it and felt no need to drink.

I have launched my business  and have 4 Clients this week and two re bookings and another new client next week. Not bad for week 2. Am finding the work extremely nourishing and absorbing. A lot of people have been asking what has changed and I am singing your praises from the rooftops.

Feel very blessed to have been healed to such a degree that I am now able to go out and help other people.  Rebecca




hypnosis to stop drinking

Hypnosis to stop drinking


The hypnotherapy and NLP processes we use help you to break the habit of coming home from work and opening a bottle; having one drink then having another; using alcohol as an emotional prop.


More than 9 million people in the UK drink more than the recommended daily limits.


In 2014 there were nearly 9000 alcohol related deaths in the UK.


There are about 75 million people are unaware of the damage they are causing their health.


Alcohol is a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions, including: mouth, throat, stomach, liver and breast cancers; high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver; and depression

Your motivation may be to lengthen your life, preserve your health, or keep money in your pocket. It doesn’t matter why you want to stop as long as you do WANT to stop.


Cutting down is harder than cutting out – but it is possible. The techniques I use are different but the results are the same. You are back in control. Using our rapid transforming hypnosis to stop drinking.

Take back control of your drinking today