Are you ready to stop smoking?

20 questions to help you find out if you are ready




Do you feel like a social pariah?


Do you smoking secretly?


Do you feel like those little white sticks are controlling you?


Fed up with wasting thousands of pounds a year poisoning yourself? The average smoker spends over £3000 of earned income a year.


Have you noticed how much smoking is dehydrating and ageing your skin?


Has your dentist recommended you stop because smoking is affecting your teeth and gums?


Are you getting to that age when you realise how smoking is seriously affecting your sight? Smokers are much more likely to suffer from macular degeneration.


Fed up with standing outside in the cold and wet on your own?


Think it’s crazy to waste so much precious time that you can never get back, that’s 5 minutes for every one smoked. Plus 14 minutes off your life for every cigarette you smoke?


Do you suffer regularly from colds, coughs and bronchitis?


Do you lack energy?


Are you breathless after walking up the stairs?


Do you feel like a hypocrite, telling your kids not to smoke?


Are you worried you won’t be around to see your children or your grandchildren grow up?


Are you trying to get fit and struggling?


Have you tried and failed so many times you are worried that you can’t do it?


Do you see cigarettes as a friend that you don’t want to lose (a friend that is killing you!)?


Are you worried about your health and the long term dangers of smoking? Heart disease, cancer, etc.


Are you trying to conceive and struggling?


Perhaps you worry about the cravings you may experience?


If you are ready to quit completely and forever all it takes is one hour of your time. Without cravings and feelings of deprival.

Giving you the gift of freedom, control and a long and healthy life.