20 ways to reduce stress and anxiety and RELAX

20 ways to reduce stress and anxiety and RELAX

As we know worry, fear and stress can create dis ease in our body.  Every thought you think, every word we say or picture you make in your head creates a physical reaction in your body affecting every one of our 50 trillion cells. Thoughts are things. These negative thoughts and beliefs lower our immune response as the body shuts down its rest and repair state to go into fight or flight, to prepare us to deal with the current stressful situation. Unfortunately many people get stuck in this state.  With so much fear infesting our society this is modus operandi for many especially in the difficult times we are currently experiencing.

Emotional stress is felt in the body, much of our stress causes issues whether its tension in our shoulders, stomach aches, chest pains, heart palpitations, asthma attack, migraine, physical pain, lack of sleep etc. Did you know that pain is a message, it’s our minds way of communicating with us, to tell us we need to do something, or to change what we are doing.  Our minds primary function is to protect us and keep us safe.  The problem is we don’t understand or acknowledge its messages or we ignore it and do the opposite. Unfortunately when we don’t listen to these messages they get stronger, more pervasive until suddenly we get a big wake up call.

Stress also affects how we react and respond to problems and situations, we cannot think straight, feel out of control, we make mistakes, even attract accidents, make bad decisions, create dis ease, become short tempered, get angry, irrational, behave badly, create tantrums, or get argumentative, etc,.

Rather than waiting for all or any of the above as soon as we feel a dip in your energy, a negative emotion or a negative thought. Stop. Notice what might be causing it, question it, think what do I need to do to change this state.  You can change how you feel just by smiling, moving, running upstairs, getting outside.  Just don’t ignore it and let it bring you further down.  Change that negative thought to a positive one, start taking control of your mind.

When you start to take back control of your mind and remove negative thoughts and feelings you will start to notice so many positive benefits. The more you do this the better you will feel, the easier it will be as you start to create new neural pathways. This will lead to making better decisions, being more creative and inspired, feeling happier, experiencing better relationships, having more confidence, self worth and self esteem, making healthier choices, more positive behaviour which attracts more positive things into your life, like attracts like, feeling more powerful, having more success, being more loving, kinder, caring, seeing things from a different perspective and feeling more in control and empowered.

There are many ways that we can reduce those stressful feelings.  Here are some ideas to help you.

One of my favourite ways of changing my state is to place my hands on my heart, this brings our focus to this part of our self and can immediately change our state. Greg Braden has a wonderful short film on a powerful way to connect to our heart showing us how this simple technique can help us so much.      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=237WCALmJXQ&t=307s

Feeling gratitude for what is in your life no matter how small and list them.

Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine

Grounding, this is when we connect our bare feet to the earth and its magnetic field, its very therapeutic and healing.

Getting out in nature into the peace and beauty which has a calming, uplifting affect on us.   

If you a find stressful anxious thought running through you mind immediately reach for a thought that feels good and focus on that.

There are a couple of very good techniques that I teach to my clients that are very effective and can change how you feel very quickly one is The Havening Technique and the other is EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques http://www.hypno-health.co.uk/emotional-freedom-techniques-eft/

Watch uplifting films that make you feel good or that make you laugh    

Read books that make you feel good and will enhance your life

Eat nourishing, nutritious foods that help enhance your mood and heal you


Doing whatever raises your energy and makes you feel good, being with someone you love,

Playing sport

A relaxing soothing bath

A massage

Helping a friend or someone in need, it helps to put another perspective on our own life

Being Kind to someone has many benefits and makes us feel good

Connecting and sharing with others

If you are struggling at the moment with sleeping or relaxation please contact me at info@hypno-health.co.uk and I shall send you a free MP3 stress reduction hypnosis session which will help you relax and de stress.  It is also a great way to experience how hypnosis feels.