What can be achieved in one session

What can be achieved in one session

Here are a few testimonials from clients after one session….

I’m still not smoking which is brilliant, so I thank you so much again for what you have done for me. Unfortunately on Wednesday I was told that I was under threat of redundancy which isn’t great but still didn’t smoke at all. You have worked a complete miracle.

I am still try to get my head around what happened.
I have no thoughts of gambling.
Thank you again

Things have gone very well. Much better than I expected to be honest. I’ve lost 6kg so far, completely cut out a lot of the carbs I used to overeat (bread, rice, potatoes, …), stopped snacking, reduced portions, etc. The remarkable thing is that it hasn’t been a struggle. I am feeling MUCH better. I even managed to go to the US for a week and not slip at all!
I seem to have turned over a new leaf in my personal and professional life too, seeming to choose how I respond to situations rather than just react.
All very positive. I suspect you may be hearing from a few people I have told about you

I wanted to let you know how well I have been doing since I came to see you. My emotional eating seems to have stopped the moment I left you. I have not wanted or needed any cheap chocolate, biscuits or crisps which is unbelievable. I feel so happy. This really has been an amazing experience and I cannot thank you enough.

I actually feel like a different person, I have stuck to a healthy eating plan, two meals a day.
I have also stuck to drinking water and tea and I am just under a stone lighter already.
I am not missing any of the foods I seemed addicted to and I feel so much more motivated
and in control.
I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me begin this new journey that I believed was impossible before now.
You are truly amazing.

Nearly 4 weeks now and no chocolate, biscuits, cake or sweets 😊 super impressed! I still regularly listen to the recording, thank you so much!

Just wanted to let you know that a year on since we met I still haven’t had a drink.
If you recall, this wasn’t for medical or addiction, just something I wanted to do.
Initially I did feel better for it, now however… I just don’t drink, don’t miss it, don’t really recall the need!
So it short, it works and I thank you.
Hope the business is thriving – It should be!

I visited Elaine in her lovely cosy room in Henley to have hypnotherapy for alcohol dependency. I was in a very bad place and my drinking was a nightmare. Elaine is so lovely and put me at ease immediately, we had a chat and then I laid on a comfy couch ready for the session to begin. The time went very quickly and I was aware of background noise and obviously could hear all Elaine was saying. I was extremely relaxed. I am now approaching my 18th week of sobriety and with Elaine’s help, her recording which she gives you after the session and my wanting to give up the booze, I am one very happy, healthy and grateful lady. Thank you Elaine.

So, six months plus have passed and we have not smoked at all.
We have however bought a new car with all the money we have saved.
Thank you so much for all you have done for us.

I am doing really well, 30 days without a hint of alcohol, I really couldn’t think of anything worse now than having a drink all thanks to you.
I have listened to the recording several times and it really helps, life couldn’t be better.

Just a quick note to let you know so far so good has been 2 weeks so far and can honestly say I feel amazing and like I have a new chance at life…
It is like a complete block has been put on me no cravings or urges for cocaine if I think about it but just no way I can do it..
Thanks you so much for your help… you do a wonderful job and really changes people lives, you have changed mine