What is your cocaine habit costing you?

What is your cocaine habit costing you?

I’m not just talking about financially, I have seen clients who have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds to meet their habit.

Many of my clients are what you would consider to be recreational users, keeping their habit mainly to weekends or the occasional weekday. Some do not consider the hazards involved in long term use and the negative effects it has on their emotional and physical wellbeing. Whether it’s self-imposed isolation, anxiousness, panic attacks, paranoia, false confidence or an over inflated ego.  All having a detrimental effects on relationships, their work life and family.

Depression is a common side effect along with edginess and hostile erratic behaviour.

There can be about 16 chemicals added to cocaine so you are never quite sure how pure it is, with cattle de-wormer, asbestos, and dental anaesthetics commonly used as bulking agents.

Did you know that cocaine narrows your blood vessels making your heart beat faster and over time thickening the arterial walls. This can lead to an increased risk of heart attacks.

Adverse effects on sleep patterns are common as are sexual problems and infertility  in both men and women.

Coke combined with alcohol or other drugs can substantially increase the detrimental side effects that you could experience.

Is it worth it for a transitory high? Are you are struggling to let go of this unwanted habit and take back control of your life? In one 90 minute session  you can safely and completely let go of this habit. To find out more get in touch.