Free Yourself from Fear

Free Yourself from Fear

Would you like to learn a simple, powerful technique to take away feelings or thoughts of discomfort, fear, sadness or stress and change your state of mind?

Start this technique by rating the negative feeling that you have about this event using a scale of 0-10. This will allow you to measure the changes that you make.

1. Clear your mind and think of something positive

2. Using two fingers on both hands start to tap on your collarbones, looking straight ahead and close and open your eyes

3. Keep tapping and look down to the left and then down to the right whilst keeping your head still and looking straight ahead

4. Now move your eyes 360 degrees in a clockwise direction and then anticlockwise while keeping your head still

5. Close your eyes and cross your arms placing your hands at the top of your arms and stroke your hands down your arms to your elbows and up again. As you continue stroking your arms up and down imagine down a staircase and count out loud from one to 20 with each step

6. When you reach 20 hum a tune, I use Happy Birthday

7. Release and relax your arms, open your eyes looking forward and above you

8. Move your eyes slowly from left to right 3 times then close them and stroke your arms 5 times

9. Open your eyes and notice how you are feeling on the scale we used at the start. If you want to bring the scale down any further repeat the process.