A game changer naturally with hypnosis

sports hypnotherapy

A game changer naturally with hypnosis

Sports Hypnotherapy


Olympic athletes, premier footballers, sports stars that want to be one step ahead of their opponents have a marvellous technique available to them. This method is natural, safe and very powerful and can be tailored to your specific needs. I am talking about sports hypnosis that can be used for anyone wanting to improve their game, technique and  get them wired for success. Eliminate any bad habits or lack of confidence that maybe getting in the way of them reaching their full potential.  In just one session you will notice benefits.  Whether you need motivation, to re-ignite your passion, more focus, to calm your mind or maximise your skills.

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson have all used hypnosis to enhance their skills and reach their full potential.  The Russian gymnastics team actually travel with their own hypnotherapists.

The unconscious part of our mind has so much untapped power that can be reprogrammed to allow us to reach our full potential and remove any obstacles that are standing in the way of success.  At Elaine Marsh Hypnotherapy we have helped sportsmen including premier footballers who need to let go of negative thoughts and lack of belief and take back their power, enhance their skills and give them the drive and determination for success. Whatever your sport or sports interest, from rugby, tennis, golf, clay pigeon shooting or cricket, it doesn’t matter.  If you want to get back in the zone and become outstanding and wired for success you can.

One of the rules of the mind is that it does what it thinks you want, what you focus on.  If you are focusing your thoughts and the pictures you make in your head on what you don’t want, your fear of losing or not performing to your full potential your mind will move you towards that.  Your unconscious mind does not discriminate, it moves you towards what you focus most attention on.  What we need to do is make sure these thoughts and picture are what you want to achieve and make them powerful, compelling, outstanding and what you really, really want, what will make you amazing and successful at what you do easily, naturally, effectively and fast.

If you want to up your game quickly, easily and enjoyably try hypnosis you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.