Healing depression without drugs

Healing depression without drugs

With a growing dependence on pharmaceuticals to treat depression around the world with 1 in 11 in the UK and USA and 1 in 4 in Australia being prescribed antidepressants are shocking statistics.

The growth in antidepressants and the message still being touted that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by a lack of serotonin is totally flawed and very misleading.   Dr David Healy, Professor of Psychiatry has pointed out how ‘deeply misleading’ this is. Depression is not about a lack of serotonin but as the World Health Organisation states it’s social issue.

Johann Hari has done some marvellous work on the subject having suffered from depression for many years he found that antidepressants only masked his symptoms for a while.  So he went in search of answers and solutions to this escalating problem.  What he found from his research was that there are three causes of depression which in some cases can be biological, many are sociological and psychological.

Tony Robbins says that as humans we are all unique but what we all have in common are six human needs which are :-

Connection and Love






When we have unmet needs, or we feel disempowered and controlled, lonely, isolated, lack of choice, etc., these can lead to depression and anxiety.

I have also discovered in my practice that many of my clients can be very harsh and critical towards themselves, with consistent negative self-talk playing in their minds. Some are dissatisfied with their jobs. 87% of people don’t like what they do work-wise, which is the major part of their lives! Some have lost deep connections, others have not followed their heart desire.

Do you have a belief that no help is available or that you don’t deserve help? Perhaps you have tried antidepressants and they did not help you?

There are other options available and perhaps it’s time to consider another way, a way that caters to your specific needs and requirements, that resolves the underlying issue. By using a combination of advanced and powerful techniques it is possible to heal naturally, safely and quickly.  To find out more please get in touch for a free consultation.