Improve your self-esteem and confidence

Improve your self-esteem and confidence

As a tiny baby we enter this world brimming with confidence and self-esteem, we know that we can scream at 3 am and someone will rush to meet our needs.  We are not concerned about being judged or worried about people looking at us as a new born.  As the years go by, through our programming, schooling and life experiences our confidence and self-esteem can take a battering.  Esteem actually means how much do we like and value ourself and until we really do nothing else matters.

Are you lacking confidence in any area of your life? When you start working on your confidence everything in the other areas of your life will fall into place.

Firstly we need to start liking ourselves, If you really liked yourself how different would your life be?

What you think about yourself is more important than what others think about you.  So many of the clients look for approval from others to improve how they feel about themselves, they go out of their way to be liked by others.

A great way to start to make changes in how you feel about yourself is to praise yourself, nothing is better than praise you give to yourself, you  have no hidden agendas. We beat ourselves up, deride ourselves, consistently telling ourselves how stupid we are or foolish.  If we spoke to our friends in this way, how long would they stay around?!  So start telling yourself how likeable you are, how good enough you are, people like me, I’m smart, I’m intelligent, I’m a kind person.

Every thought you think has an emotional response and a physical reaction in your body.  Start the day in a positive way and praise yourself as often as you can.

During the day listen to the words you are using, are they critical or life affirming?  If a negative thought comes into your mind talk yourself out of it.  Change your words and you change your reality. Start letting in the positive, empowering and constructive words, pictures and thoughts  and believe in yourself and others will too.

Smiling in a great way to elevate how you feel, it releases neuropeptides that will tell your body that you are happy, it also releases neurotransmitters in your brain including serotonin, endorphins and dopamine.  Dopamine is useful for habit change and motivation. Serotonin is the confidence molecule and enhances your mood.

If you would like to work at a deeper level and remove any blocks or underlying limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to live your life to its full potential get in touch and it one 90 minute session we can transform your life.