Raise your esteem with Praise

We are born with masses of self-esteem, in the womb where the temperature is a perfect 75 degrees all our needs are met, we are warm, safe, fed. We have that permanent connection to our mother whose heart beat is always constant.  So what happens for us to lose that esteem and change the way we feel about ourselves?

When we leave our comfortable home in the womb we are helpless we need others to fulfill our needs. To keep us safe, warm, fed, clean, a loving connection, cuddles, soothing sounds. If we are left to cry or go hungry or any of our other needs are not met it starts to create learned helplessness, we believe that we need someone else to fix us to fulfill those unmet needs.    When this belief becomes our reality it undermines our self-belief and our self-esteem.  No one can meet all our needs.

As we continue to grow up with no praise, feeling unloved, unsafe, rejected, not good enough.  When we are put down, feel unheard etc. this confirms those negative beliefs we have about ourselves.  First we make our beliefs and then they make us.

Every word you say and thought you think affects every cell in your body and mind and it becomes our blue print.   Harsh critical words we say to ourselves do untold damage, causing a physical reaction in our body. Affecting the immune system, auto immune system, creating or causing damage to mind, body and psyche, developing into disease, illness, depression, stress and anxiety. Stopping us reaching our true potential and living the life we always wanted.

If we are continually disappointed we look for other ways to fill that void which could be with food, alcohol, drugs, etc., to try and control our feelings creating more problems in our lives.

Low self-esteem affects every area of our lives our relationships, career, our health and well being, our future.

One of the most important things we can do is to start to meet some of our own unmet needs and raise our esteem. A great place to start is to praise ourselves. Perhaps there are certain words and phrases you wish someone had said to you when you were younger? It’s never too late to hear these things. You can be the loving parent you wished you had.  The praise you give to yourself is the most powerful praise that you can receive.

Praise yourself every day, write it, say these powerful words to yourself.  Start the day giving yourself positive messages, build your self-confidence, self-worth, self-value, self-esteem. Start a sentence with the words  I AM ……..  the words that follow I am follow you! Make them fantastic!

What do you most want to hear? Say it to yourself.  Be your own best friend, be kind to yourself.  Change the words you use and start an exciting new chapter in your life.