Say goodbye to fears, phobias and anxiety in one session

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Say goodbye to fears, phobias and anxiety in one session

Are you one of the 20% of the population that suffers from a fear or phobia that is stopping you living your life to its full potential?  I see many clients who have suffered hardship, difficulties, their lives severely impacted because of an irrational fear and anxiety.

A phobia can start at any time in life as a result of a trauma, an accident or an extremely stressful situation. It is more common for fears and phobias to start in childhood. Up until the age of 7 we have no critical faculty that allows us to rationalise a situation. When we understand that the primary function of the unconscious mind is to protect us, keep us safe and on the planet.  In order to do this it will create a panic attack or anxiety, palpitations etc., to keep us away from what originally caused the problem. This is the mind doing its job in protecting us by making us avoid a similar situation and not have to experience the trauma again.  You may think that with age these anxieties would decline, in fact the opposite is usually true.  Unfortunately no amount of rationalising or willpower will completely resolve it.

If you are one of the ten million people in the UK who are suffering unnecessarily or are not able to live life normally, happily and successfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I hear from many people who try various methods to resolve their issue, unfortunately these are often treating the system rather than the cause of the problem. With Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy we can discover the cause, treat it and cure it in one 90 minute session.  There is really no need to suffer life diminishing situations. Hypnotherapy can give you back control of your life safely, naturally, completely and very quickly.