Let go of unwanted pain

Let go of unwanted pain

With 65 million painkilling prescriptions issued by the NHS last year and with more and more people suffering from opioid dependency.  Many doctors dishing are out cocktails of drugs and ever increasing doses to try and deal with chronic pain.  Unfortunately along with the pain are many ‘side effects’ including fatigue, feeling like a zombie, addiction and with the possibility of an increase in pain levels. These are ever growing numbers with ten million more opioid based painkiller prescriptions being handed out compared to ten years ago.

I am on a mission to try and bring awareness to the public and doctors about an amazing safe natural approach to not only reducing but removing chronic pain. This technique is being used around the country with astonishing results.  In fact it is so fast and effective that many clients are finding it hard to believe especially when they have suffered for many years with debilitating, chronic pain.

Which is why when I attended a talk recently by the Consultant and his staff at a Pain Management Department from a local hospital I was so disheartened.  Initially  I was very impressed by what the Consultant had to say concerning pain when he cited the more recent research and the important role the mind plays in pain.  He talked about the placebo effect and even the research on cannabis oil.  Unfortunately at the end of the talk when I praised him on his insight, facts and figures, I also told him how I could help reduce and remove pain in one session. He didn’t want to know how or what I did!! Why?  I was so disappointed by his lack of interest, to know more or how I could help some of the 25 million people in the UK in chronic pain.

If you are open minded and are fed up with suffering  unnecessarily, or fed up with taking painkillers when you don’t have to please get in touch and I will answer any questions you may have.

You have nothing to lose except pain.