Life reboot

Life reboot

We have so much more control of our lives than we realise. Much of what we have in your life now is down to the thoughts we think, pictures made in our head, our beliefs, assumptions and attitudes.  I realise this may seem a rather unusual point of view but once you understand how this happens and are willing to take action to change, anything is possible.  Taking back control of your life and empower yourself to achieve, have, be, acquire what you want and need in your life.

I started to understand this nearly 25 years ago when I became very ill and knew that I had allowed this dis-ease to materialise in my life and it actually turned out to be a blessing.  I saw what some may see as a traumatic event as a powerful way to make changes that were needed in my life.

One of the first things I realised was its not what happens to us, it’s how we see it. Instead of seeing the illness as terrible and being a victim I saw it as a message, a wake-up call and an opportunity to change my life, which I did.

95% of our lives are shaped by unconscious programmes that were created by the age of 7 and many of these are responsible for our unwanted behaviours, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.  Which lead to undesirable habits, addictions and an unfulfilled life. These programmes run and shape our lives.

I believe we all have limiting beliefs that undermine and stop us living our life to its full potential. Perhaps its feeling that you are not good enough, unlovable, fear of being rejected or abandoned, or a fear or phobia.

Are you living the life you want, are you fulfilled, happy, healthy and where you want to be?

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