Love is all around – Happy, healthy relationships

Love is all around – Happy, healthy relationships


At this time of year when all around us are tokens of love, happy relationships and couples it can remind us that what we might have in our lives is not what we want or where we want to be.

From experience I believe there are three underlying issues that can stand in the way of us having wonderful loving healthy relationships. The first is that we are looking for someone that will transform our live, make it better and resolve all the problems that we have.  Unfortunately this is not the case and the wrong person is only going to set us up for failure, attracting someone that is not right for us is going to result in more problems in our life.

The second problem is we keep attracting the same type of person, perhaps it’s the guy who cheats on us or doesn’t treat us right?  We keep creating the same scenarios and hope to change the end result.  This is because one of the rules of the mind is that we love what is familiar, this is hardwired into our brain to make us feel safe. If you keep attracting the person that keeps cheating, treating us badly etc., looking at the underlying beliefs you have are essential.   We have to make the familiar unfamiliar and change our negative beliefs.

The third very important area that needs addressing is how we actually feel about ourselves. Do you feel loveable?  Because if you don’t can you really expect someone else to love you? Our thoughts are an energy, acting like a magnet.  When you start to really love yourself it heightens your energy and will start to attract to you someone who will really love you too. Fall in love with yourself and make the familiar unfamiliar,

You can initiate this by praising yourself, telling yourself every day how loveable you are, how amazing you are.  Your confidence will start to increase, your self esteem will improve.  Look in the mirror everyday, when you are brushing your hair, cleaning your teeth and tell yourself how loveable you are, how kind, loving you are etc etc.  When you know it other will know it too.

You can also write a list of all the familiar behaviours that you don’t want in your life anymore.  Perhaps he never calls me, he doesn’t treat me with respect and start to make them unfamiliar.  Then write a list of all the behaviours that you want to make familiar.  He puts me first, he always calls when he says he does, he never lets me down, he is always there for me, he’s honest with me.

If you would like to transform your relationship and how you feel about yourself, you can.  In one session we can find out the underlying beliefs that are stopping you having the relationships that you desire and reprogramme your mind to know without a shadow of a doubt that you are loveable, that you have confidence, self esteem, that you deserve to have the relationship you desire available to you.

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