The many benefits for stopping smoking

The many benefits for stopping smoking

I have been helping my clients to stop smoking for nearly twenty years and in that time I have not found one benefit for smoking!

Below are some of the benefits you will notice when you stop.

During the first few hours and weeks after having the last cigarette, your body enters the phase of healing. Some of the early symptoms of this phase will make you extremely uncomfortable, however, they will get better with time.

The following timeline tells you about the changes you would go through during your journey to quit smoking with mind-body practices.

1 Hour:  circulation improves with a drop in blood pressure and heart rate.

12 Hours: the oxygen levels increase as the carbon monoxide due to smoking is expelled from the body.

24 Hours: the risk of acquiring a heart attack lessens and the stamina for exercising increases.

48 Hours:  the sense of taste and smell gradually returns as the healing of nerves begin.

72 Hours:  nicotine levels slowly begin to deplete and your physical cravings touch their peak.

30 Days:  the athletic endurance improves indicating that your lungs are healing.

9 Months: Lungs are healed and the small hair present in them, the cilia, are recovered.

1 Year:  a 50 percent reduction occurs in your risk of developing coronary heart disease.

5 Years:  the blood vessels expand, reducing the risk of stroke.

10 Years:  the chances of a fatality caused by lung cancer are reduced by 50 percent. The risk of acquiring cancer of the throat, mouth, or the pancreas is also reduced.

15 Years:  the possibility of suffering from coronary heart disease becomes equal to that of a person who does not smoke.

20 Years: The possibility of death due to cancer or lung disease reduces the level of a non-smoker.

Additionally, you will also observe the following changes to your body, health and life when you quit smoking.

  • Breathing improves
  • The skin glows
  • The hair becomes shinier and stronger
  • The nails reacquire their natural color
  • Teeth lose their yellow hue and become whiter
  • The immune system is strengthened
  • You have more time
  • No more sneaking around and trying to hide this habit
  • You don’t have to worry about smelling of smoke
  • Set a great example to your children or grandchildren
  • Be around to watch them grow up
  • More money, a smoker will spend over £100k poisoning himself
  • Smoking does NOT help deal with stress
  • Smoking does NOT help you relax
  • Freedom from guilt, shame, feeling like a social pirhaya
  • You will feel more positive as your energy improves
  • You are back in control, free at last