Rapid Transformational Therapy and how the mind works

Rapid Transformational Therapy and how the mind works

Here is a summary of a great interview with Marisa Peer, the creator of RTT…Rapid Transformational Therapy

Hypnotherapy is the founder of all psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy is, in my opinion, the most effective way to have any kind of therapy because therapy is about understanding yourself and changing behaviours. I’m a great believer that you can’t change what you don’t understand. If you go to a conventional therapist, you never get to that level of deep and profound understanding that you’ll get in hypnotherapy in one session.

My therapy, and most hypnotherapy, is about finding out why you do something and simultaneously stopping it, whereas conventional therapy is, “Let’s talk about it for a long time with the idea that we might find out why you do it and we might stop it, but we might not.”

First of all, the answers are all stored in the subconscious mind, which many of us don’t know how to access. We have logical behaviour and emotional behaviour. Here’s the rule of the mind. Emotion will defeat logic every time

I’ve worked with many doctors and they tell me that 70% of patients that come into ER have problems we can’t fix because they have an emotional basis. The migraines, the stomach aches, the irritable bowel, the panic attacks, the anxiety, the depression. Even hypertension and flare-ups, the acne, the skin breakouts, they’re real symptoms but they’re caused by an emotion.

The mind will not only create symptoms but also get rid of them, especially symptoms that are linked to the nervous system like skin conditions and headaches and so many illnesses we see in the Western world that have a basis in stress, tension and deep unhappiness.

People think your mind’s job is to make you happy. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Your mind’s job is to keep you alive on the planet against what were once not great odds. The only way your mind can work out what’s going on with you is by the way you talk to yourself. Your mind’s job is to do what it thinks we want. Your minds job is to get you away from that event you’ve said you don’t want.
That’s your mind’s job. Your job is to communicate so much better with your mind and then you can get what you want.

One of the rules of the mind and it’s a very important rule is the way we think and feel about anything is down to two things: the pictures we make in our head and the words we say to ourselves. If you can take control of the words, then the pictures tend to follow. One of the best ways to dialogue with your mind is to state this one sentence, “I’ve chosen to do this and I’ve chosen to feel great about it.”  When you can understand, “Every word I’m saying is the blueprint I’m moving towards. If you understand the mind loves descriptive pictures, it only works in pictures

That’s why I love RTT so much because RTT starts from an absolute fact. Events do not affect you but the meaning and interpretation you put on that event, that will affect you. The interpretation of that event affects you. Here’s the great news, you can change the interpretation and you can change the meaning at any time at all.

Eradicate those old beliefs and put in incredibly empowering ones, that is what RTT is so brilliant at doing.