Many well respected scientists and doctors are now proving that trauma, thoughts, beliefs, negative programming and the words we use can cause physical and emotional dis-ease.  We have to now accept that if our minds can cause an illness it can heal it too.  Our body has the most amazing capacity to heal itself.  When we understand and BELIEVE that our thoughts and beliefs can hurt us they can also heal and that healing is self-healing.  Neuroplasticity has proven that thoughts change neurons, your mind is constantly talking to your body.  If you believe that just looking at a chocolate bar is going to lead to you putting on weight, guess what it will.

What do you keep saying to yourself on a daily basis, how many of those 50,000 thoughts you think a day are negative, or the same as the day before? Do you consistently beat yourself up, criticise yourself, put yourself down? Or do you praise yourself, tell yourself how amazing you are? How healthy, beautiful and powerful you are?  You always have a choice, your job is to tell yourself everyday what you want because it’s your brilliant minds job to get you what you tell it.  It cannot discern right from wrong, good from bad it just acts like a heat seeking missile to your thoughts, beliefs and words.

Unfortunately most of us focus on the negative, what we don’t want in our life and even worse than that we use catastrophising language, my job is killing me, this is a total disaster, this is terrible, for such trivial things.  Your words shape your reality.  Change your language and you will change your life. So listen to what you say and choose great words.

Question your beliefs, many of our beliefs are programmed into us at a very young age by others and are untrue, unhelpful and do not enhance your life in any way.  The great thing is they are your beliefs and you can change them.  Remember you are a wellness producing machine.

Most of our underlying root beliefs boil down to feeling we are not good enough or certain things are not available to us. Feelings are the most real things we have, they have a job to do. When we feel we are not good enough we have an empty feeling inside and we try and fill this void or repress those negative emotions with something, whether its food, shopping, sex, alcohol, drugs etc.  Most of our beliefs are created beyond our conscious awareness and because they are such a familiar part of our make-up we are not even consciously aware of them and how they affect our lives.

When we uncover the suppressed and repressed underlying issues and feel the feeling until it no longer needs to be felt, we can let go of that rage, anger, anxiety, depression, weight, habits, addictions, illness, hurt etc and get it out of your mind,  body,  psyche, life and replace with amazing, empowering, exciting, thrilling, life affirming healthy beliefs that will literally change your life.  There really is no need to keep carrying and this negative stuff around with you.

When we understand that we have the power to transform our lives, our health and well being safely, quickly and easily in one or two session we can reclaim our power and start living the life we always knew was ours.