How to reduce the stress in your life

How to reduce the stress in your life

75% to 90% of visits to Doctor’s are stress related.  In the 21st century with access to so much information, research and science it seems crazy to me that this is still the case. Something is not working and this is confirmed to me on a daily basis in my practice where I see so much anxiety, over eating, drinking excessively, smoking, drug taking, fears, phobias and depression.

We know stress is very real but what we now realise is that what we have been led to believe about stress is wrong and relates to research undertaken by Dr Hans Selye’s.  He believed that stress was a physical process with a psychological component. Unfortunately this belief is still being propagated and replicated even though it was proven to be wrong in the 1970’s.

The truth is that stress is a psychological process with a physical component.  It is not about what happens in your life but how you perceive it. It comes from the thoughts and picture you make in your head. For example, it is not your relationship that is stressful it’s your thoughts about your relationship that creates the stress symptoms.

If you are feeling under pressure from work for instance it’s because of what you are thinking about those problems, it’s coming from inside you, not the outside. When you have negative thoughts and pictures in your head this will create certain feelings in your body which will in turn affect your behaviour.

When we understand that the stress we are experiencing is not caused by something outside of us but by our words, beliefs and feelings. We have so much more control over how we choose to think, feel and behave.  Giving us back power and control .

If you want a more permanent solution to the stress in your life, let go of outdated unwanted beliefs and negative self-talk and live your life more successfully, happily, calmly and healthily please contact us to find out about our powerful