Rewind the clock, you can be younger

Rewind the clock, you can be younger

We know our body is made up of over 50 trillion cells and is constantly changing, regrowing, repairing and renewing. In fact 98% of our body is replaced every year. For instance the cells that create our skin are totally renewed every thirty days. Knowing this helps us to understand that we can replace the old cells with healthier, stronger ones. You cannot stop growing older BUT you can stop growing old. We have different ways of measuring age, psychologically, biologically and chronologically. It is your choice which one you choose to use.

Every thought you think and word you say has a physical effect on your body, changing its very biochemistry. Have you ever thought about the language you use and what you say to yourself about your health, your body, about ageing? What beliefs do you hold about ageing? What language are you using, question it, is it true, does it help me? Do you say things like ‘its my age’, or assume that your body or memory has to decline as we age. Just by changing the language that you use to positive, youthful, life enhancing messages, pictures and beliefs you will notice benefits.

Did you know we make different chemicals when we are calm and happy. Scientists have proven that we can boost our immune system by thinking differently. When you are anxious, fearful or depressed it suppresses our immune system it sends our body into the fight or flight response which shuts down the repairing mechanism in order to give all our energy to dealing what is perceived as imminent danger. Unfortunately as our lives are often so full of worry and fear we are in a constant state of stress that does not allow our body to rest, recuperate and heal which can have an ageing effect.

Meditation is an excellent way of relaxing and healing our mind and body and has so many positive effects and done regularly can help to make us 12-15 years younger.

Neurobics makes the brain younger. We know if you don’t continue to learn new things and use your brain you lose the capacity. The brain loves newness which makes stronger. Mental exercise help to create new brain pathways and increase the size of your hippocampus and then create a better memory and stronger brain power. By changing our daily habits, mix things up even just brushing your teeth differently. Change hands, stand on one leg, close your eyes. walk backwards you are enhancing your memory and increasing cell production.

BDNF Brain Derived Neuotrophic Factor which is a protein that grows nerve cells that are linked to memory and is boosted when you use your non dominant hand, this can boost your brain power and create new neural pathways. Brain neurons stay strong and renew themselves when stimulated.
You don’t grow older until you stop growing, then you become old.

Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer studied for many years the relationship between mental processes and the mind and bodies ageing progression. She carried out an interesting experiment in 1981. It was called the ‘counterclockwise study’, they put 8 men who were in their late 70’s in a monastery where they had installed all the things that would remind them of the time in their lives when they were in their prime, they chose 1959. The décor, furniture, music, TV, films, music and news were from that time. With photos of the men from that time and no mirrors either. Because of this it was like being transported back in time as every reference around them took them to the late 1950’s. The results were amazing in just a matter of days the participants had improved their sight and hearing, with better dexterity and their bodies were suppler.

I remember about 30 years later watching a similar experiment performed by the BBC where they put some ageing celebrities in a house and transported them back to their heyday in 1975. They emerged a week later rejuvenated. I think this programme is available on YouTube and is interesting to watch.
This experiment clearly shows the link between the mind and body. As Ellen Langer says …. If we perceive ourselves to be younger, healthier, more capable, more vibrant, despite the messages about how we should look and act at our chronological age, then our cells and tissues get the message. Not only can a change in perception affect ageing, but also, Langer theorizes, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic or life-threatening conditions.
We know how our thoughts affect our body when we think about a juicy lemon and imagine cutting and squeezing that juice into our mouth and notice how our saliva is activated and you might even get the taste and smell of that lemon?

As you can see we have the power to change our body. Your cells have a brain all of their own and we can regenerate those cells and start to reverse the ageing process by using powerful hypnotic techniques to change limiting beliefs, programmes and negative messages that do not serve my clients to revive, restore, smooth, improve and ‘youth’ the body. Its even possible to re contour its shape. Fast tracking powerful and permanent change. I also use something called Hypno-Botox which is an effective way of ‘youthing’ that is safe and natural. The only limit is your imagination.