Six healing sound practices for health and wellbeing

Six healing sound practices for health and wellbeing

Each of these sounds target certain areas of the body and will aid their well-being.  If you take a deep breath in and on the out breath make the sound. You can do this one to six times depending on how you are feeling.


Sssssssssss is the sound associated with the lungs, skin and small intestines and will also help with toothaches, cold sores, asthma and depression.


Choooooo is associated with the kidneys, ears and bladder and can also help with fatigue and back pain.


Shhhhhhhh can help with the liver, gall bladder and eyes and will also ease feelings of anger.


Hawwwwww with benefit the heart, heart disease, heart pains and a sore throat.


Whoooooooo this sound will aid  the spleen, pancreas and stomach.  Easing nausea, indigestion and diarrhoea too.


Heeeeeee  this sound helps to balance the temperature of the 3 energy centres of the body.  Is effective in relieving stress and helps induce a deep relaxing sleep.