Slim and healthy the easy way

weight loss hypnosis

Slim and healthy the easy way

“Just have to tell you, I am SO happy with the results from our session … it has had exactly the effect that I was hoping for.


Listening to your voice has enabled me to turn my determination to succeed at my goals into something that is now so rock solid and bombproof, that I have no doubt that I’m going to succeed in achieving the best possible results.


Bizarre, but I really do feel completely different too!  I feel lit up from within – it’s a really nice feeling.


My husband is amused by my new attitude as I “stubbornly refuse to eat”

that carrot cake!  He’s very impressed and smiles every time!


I’m thrilled to bits with the effect that you’ve had on me.  Thank you.” Monica.


“I thought I would email you quickly as it has been a fortnight

since I came to see you.  I am amazed but have not touched or even

salivated over bread, cheese or chocolate in all that period!

Extraordinary and rather wonderful not to feel that it takes superhuman

effort to not eat those foods.  I have been loving soups (no bread with

them of course) + fresh veg or salad with fish or chicken for suppers.  My

tummy is def shrinking slowly and I am feeling so much better as I feel

like I am more in control.  I haven’t listened to the recording again, but

I aim to do so v soon to keep on track.  Thank you, as I think seeing you

may well prove to be a turning point.”  Rebecca


These are two happy clients that I have seen recently to make positive changes in their lives, including letting go of some unwanted weight. It really doesn’t have to be a struggle or stressful.  If you want to reduce your weight and lose the desire for unhealthy foods hypnosis is the fastest, safest and most effective way of achieving this.  In one session with a recording you could achieve your goal. What have you got to lose except that unwanted weight?