How to stop smoking safely and completely in one session with a guarantee and a bespoke recording.

Why struggle when you don’t have to?  Why swap one toxic product for another?

As more and more research is coming to light regarding the harm caused by vaping. With health officials at odds over the safely of e-cigarettes. What should a smoker do who is ready to quit?  Cutting down doesn’t work, NRT is about 10-16% successful and that is with lots of support. Champix is a mind altering drug, known in the USA as Chantix and has been linked to hundreds of suicides.  Or there is Zyban which has been banned in certain places and has also caused smoker deaths.

Well if you want to stop quickly and easily without feelings of deprival, sacrifice and cravings in a natural safe way you can.

It doesn’t matter how many you smoke or how long you have smoked for.

Perhaps you are now thinking this sounds too good to be true which is why I am posting a recent review from a very sceptical client.  In fact he is so pleased with the results he is  happy for you to contact him and get any more details you may need.


“So, it’s been however long it’s been, 5/6 weeks??. I have not been fixated with counting the days because it simply has not felt like I need too!

Don’t know how it works, but clearly it does as it’s been the easiest of tasks.  Roughly speaking I chose a difficult time to do this, having just started a new job, then going on a beach holiday with a wife still smoking a pack a day.  Dare I say it, but I haven’t felt like an EX smoker since I came to see you.  I just feel like me, who just happens not to smoke.

NO cravings or withdrawal symptoms, just mild curiosity now and again as to what it would be like to smoke (In a similar fashion to wondering what it might be like to be able to fly – i.e. nothing more than a fantasy)

Happy days and hopefully you can relate my story of conversion from complete cynic to complete advocate to all those others wondering whether they can ditch the habit! I am happy for any skeptics to have my email”.


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I have been specialising in using the only method that has been proven scientifically to be 95% successful for over 15 years now. You also receive a guarantee and a bespoke recording of the session.

For many of my clients I am the last resort, they have tried everything else.  They cannot believe how easy and enjoyable it can be to stop and take back control of their lives.