Top ten benefits for stopping smoking with hypnotherapy

Top ten benefits for stopping smoking with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the most successful way to stop.

Smoking is a habit not an addiction, habits are stored in the unconscious part of the mind so using patches, gum, vapes etc to try and stop are not getting to the part of the mind where our habits are stored. This is why these other methods are only about 10% successful.  The only way to access the part of the mind where are smoking habit is stored is hypnosis which is why it is the most successful way to stop. The system that I use is the only one scientifically proven to be 95% successful.

Hypnotherapy is the safest way to stop smoking.

Using hypnosis to stop is the fastest way, in fact all it takes is one hour. You walk in a smoker and walk out a non smoker.

By offering a one year’s guarantee with your session is shows how powerful and successful this form of treatment really is.

This is the most relaxing and enjoyable way to stop smoking, you really won’t want to get out of the chair, many of my clients have never been so relaxed.

You will realise how powerful your mind really is and once you have experienced this method you will understand how many other ways this could help enhance and transform your life.

I offer a bespoke recording of all my therapy sessions which helps reinforce lasting permanent change.

This method removes the desire for the cigarette, tobacco, weed , roll ups, vapes, etc., so you won’t start substituting it with unhealthy things.

Because you are not using willpower to stop you will become indifferent to cigarettes so there won’t be that constant battle that the conscious and the unconscious mind plays.

With no feelings of deprival, weight gain, bad moods or cravings.