Top tips to keep you slimmer, healthier and happier

Top tips to keep you slimmer, healthier and happier

Intermittent fasting, if you want to let go of unwanted weight, burn fat and increase your metabolism this is definitely worth trying and is easier than you think. Ideally you need to eat during a 6 to 8 hour window preferably from late morning to early evening.  If you are healthy enough to be able to try this  why not give it a go.

We tend to eat our biggest meal in the evening, in fact it is better for us to eat this at lunch time.

A ketonic diet which is very low in carbs and higher in good fats, this is a great way to get the body to burn fat instead of sugar and to enhance your mitochondria. This is an important main source of energy for our body and plays a vital role in our health and well-being.

Eliminate packaged and processed foods and only eat according to…

The 4 Rs

So before eating or buying food ask yourself..

Does it rot? If the food does not rot it’s to be avoided as your digestive system will have problems breaking it down.

Does it roam or grow, (like eggs, which are from chickens that roam)?

Can you recognise the ingredients, if you cannot identify the label, it’s chemicals and additives, not food.

Can you eat it raw? Such as fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts etc.

Get out into nature, a brisk walk every day, preferably in the morning when the best light is available. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, vital for health and well-being. Helping our brain, muscles and the nervous system function properly.

Grounding,  when we reconnect with the earth and walk barefoot, it can have a very healing effect on the body. The negative electrons that penetrate the body from the earth can help improve inflammation, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress and general feelings of well being.

EMF’s, reduce your exposure to electromagnetic stresses.  Ideally remove wifi from your house, do you really need to access your technology from every inch of your home? Ethernet is a great alternative and does not compromise your health.  If you don’t remove wifi from your home turn it off at night.

H2o, drink fresh unchlorinated water, find a good water filter that removes as many toxins as possible.

Meditation ideally first thing in the morning and in the early evening. This can be the easiest, fastest and cost effective way to feeling good and raising your vibration.

Breathe, it may sound crazy as we do it unconsciously all the time, try breathing consciously and start the day with 5 conscious deep breaths, you will notice the benefits. Breathe in for the count of 1, out to the count of 4, hold your breathe for the count of 2.

Remember gratitude for all the good things in your life, remind yourself before you go to sleep.

Find connection, our ancestors were tribal people which gave us a powerful connection to each other and is very important to our health and well- being.  Today this is being lost to a more insular way of life that does little to fulfill us.  Find your tribes and start connecting.

Loving Kindness There has been some great research done  by Dr David Hamilton confirming the power of kindness, not only does it make us feel good and enhances our relationships, it makes us healthier, happier and its contagious!

Find the Joy in your life, it’s one of the highest vibrations we can experience and can only enhance your life.