Turn back the clock using the power of your mind

Turn back the clock using the power of your mind

Reverse the Ageing Process Naturally

Did you know that the most powerful and effective anti-ageing ‘tool’ you have is your mind.

Perhaps you have tried various ointment, balms and expensive creams seeing little or no improvement to your skin.  We place over 500 chemicals on our bodies every day, many of which are absorbed into our skin and then into our blood stream. These toxic chemicals are not recognised by our liver and doesn’t know how to eliminate them from our system. Surely this is not the way to a healthier more youthful body?

If you would like to look and feel younger naturally without any toxic chemicals, medical interventions or procedures?  You can with hypnotherapy, its an ideal solution.

By changing the words you use and the pictures you make in your head you can change your biological age.  Our unconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination.

Listen to the words you use, do you find yourself saying ‘its my age’, ‘I’m having a senior moment’, ‘I’m too old for this’, your mind is listening to every word you say and one of its primary functions is to give you what it thinks you want.  If you keep telling it you are old, your memory is failing, you have awful wrinkles, etc., it will give you all these things. So change the words you use and pictures you make and tell yourself positive, youth affirming and empowering affirmations. ‘I have a brilliant memory’ ‘every day I’m looking younger and healthier’.

Hypnosis is a great way to re-wire your brain quickly and effectively. Fast tracking powerful and permanent change.

Your cells have a brain all of their own and we can regenerate those cells and start to reverse the ageing process. Our body is constantly rejuvenating and repairing, we develop new skin every month.  Over 90% of our body has changed in 12 months!

Dr Ellen Langer, a Harvard Professor did some very interesting research to find out if changing our thought patterns could slow ageing. “Everybody knows in some way that our minds affect our physical being, but I don’t think people are aware of just how profound the effect actually is,” she says.  This experiment was replicated by the BBC in a programme in 2010.  In just 7 days the effects were quite remarkable.

Hypnosis is a very effect way to quickly and easily re-programme your unwanted conditioning and beliefs and help you re-create a younger, healthier body safely and naturally.