Weight reduction made easy

weight loss hypnotherapy

Weight reduction made easy

How much do you want to be slim and back in control of your eating habits?

What are you willing to pay to be a normal healthy size?

You may think that eating what you want, when you want makes you happy, so you should be happy now, are you? Is anyone that is overweight truly happy?  I wonder what price they are paying in being overweight… It can affect relationships, health, affecting breathing, high blood pressure, heartburn, diabetes, depression, infertility, not feeling comfortable going to the gym or putting on a swimming costume, not finding any clothes that feel comfortable or look good. This can lead to not wanting to go out or socialise.

No food will ever give you the satisfaction of being a normal weight, having amazing confidence, great relationships, being healthy, being able to wear your favourite clothes.

Overeating is often an emotional issue and diets cannot fix that.  In fact diets fail 98% of the time.  What drives us to overeat are feelings.  We think the food will make us feel better, unfortunately it can only briefly suppress them, feelings will always win.  When we feel empty we eat to fill the emotional void, the stomach is the seat of our emotions.

Overeating can also stem from not feeling enough, not good enough, things or food are needed to fill the emptiness.

Our brains are hardwired to move us away from pain and towards pleasure. A problem arises when we link pleasure and pain to the same thing which is very confusing to the brain.  This is one of the reasons a diet cannot succeed, we cannot love and hate the same food.

Our emotions are stored at an unconscious level which is why using willpower consciously to reduce our food intake is so hard to do.  Hypnosis is an easy way of accessing the unconscious part of the mind to change our attitude, association, thinking and mind set about food. By reprogramming the mind to react and respond to food as you did when you were little, when you could leave food on your plate, to stop eating when you were full. Get you eating for health and nutrition only and knowing you are more than enough.

Regression is an ideal way to find out how, why, when and where current thinking and beliefs came from and to then change any destructive, limiting, outdated and unwanted programmes to positive, empowering, healthy beliefs. Back in control of your eating habits, naturally, effectively and safely.